The After Life

The Forks in the Road, the Moments That Define Our Life.

Everyone who’s walked our beautiful planet has had forks in the road in which a single decision was a defining moment. But have you ever wondered what your life would have been like had you taken the other path? What would you say if there was an alternate reality happening right now that was identical […]


Chosen by an Angel

Every so often we are fortunate to encounter someone that touches our heart and changes our life. Dedicated to my Darling Emma! Someone once told me that we choose our parents before we are born for the purpose of our soul’s karmic needs. I laughed.  The idea of us having that much control and say, […]


My Ayahuasca Journey into the Spirit World

“I ventured into the darkness to face my shadow, and in that shadow, I saw a glimpse into the depths of my soul” – Waleuska Lazo I have always been a seeker.  I am captivated by everything that is not palpable to the human world.  I first heard of Ayahuasca through reading a book about […]