Everyone searches for abundance, but most people don’t have it. What does abundance mean for you, wealth, happiness, health, love? Have you ever wondered why so many people are in a perpetual state of lack? So many people are unhappy, unhealthy, broke, and alone.

One of the main reasons why people cannot seem to attract what they wish for their lives has to do with their energy and the frequency they emit on a consistent basis.  Of course, this is done unconsciously.  Most people are unaware about the power of their frequency to attract the life and circumstances they have.

In my previous article, I explained what is important to understand about the frequency of lack so you can avoid it.  If you missed part one you can first read it here: What you Need to Know About the Frequency of Lack to Avoid it

Your frequency magnetizes what you experience in your life.  If you are constantly operating at the frequency of shame, anger, guilt, resentment, and victimhood, you will attract other things that vibrate at that scale.  This does not mean you willingly wished to attract pain, betrayal, abuse, lack or sickness into your life, not at all.  It is just that unfortunately, those things are on a low vibration and one of them is bound to bump into you.

Here are a few things you can do to change your frequency from lack to abundance:

Be mindful of the words you use: Words carry power and that power, that energy they carry is what is partially responsible for what you attract.  Avoid speaking and thinking low vibration phrases such as: “I can’t afford it, I don’t have right now, I want more of X, I wish I could, it is not possible or it’s impossible”

Instead say, “I am, I have, I believe, I will soon have, it is done, I can do it, my desires are on their way to me. I am capable, all is possible, thank you in advance for ____” those are all powerful vibrations to send to the Universe/Life.  

Make room for the new: Get in the habit of always giving away things you don’t use or need.  When you hold on to everything, the energy you emit is one of fear and lack.  You may be holding on to everything because unconsciously you are afraid that if you give away, or let it go, you won’t have it. Nothing new can come in unless you have made room for the new to come.  That is true of all areas in your life, things, and people.

Share and help others: By giving and sharing what you have, shifts your energy into abundance because the message you send to the Universe/Life is that you have plenty.

For example, if you have clothes, you have not used in a year, that is your cue to give them away. Send food to a shelter, buy a cup of coffee for a homeless person.  There are so many ways to make a difference that does not have to cost you much or anything.

It also makes you feel better as it makes you forget you don’t have enough and suddenly what you have becomes enough.

Being grateful daily: Instead of always talking to friends about all that is not working out for you, talk about what is actually going right in your life.  Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, make a list of what you do have and learn to shift the way you look at your life and world.

When you disconnect from gratitude, your energetic blueprint shifts from a state of abundance to lack. It is when you fall out of alignment with your grateful state that you lose sight of your blessings and your joy is easily derailed by any annoyance.

A study by the University of California came to the conclusion that grateful people are more satisfied with what they have and are less susceptible to emotions such as dissatisfaction, disappointment, regret, and frustrations which are all low vibrations.

They also found out that people who engage in a gratitude ritual are 25% happier than people who don’t.

So, learning to stay in a mindset of gratitude where you can live every moment of your life from an uncompromising space of thankfulness is essential to attract abundance.

This does not mean you have to like everything that happens. I know that is not possible but if you can focus on the hidden gift and lessons, then your vibration will be one of abundance.

Practice living your life from the heart rather than your brain: Unfortunately, society teaches us to be thinking beings rather than feeling beings.  This is crucial because it is from feeling high vibrating emotions in your heart that will enable you to pull your desires from the Field of possibilities.

“What we choose to experience in our lives we must first feel in our hearts – Gregg Braden

Last but not least, when you FEEL the excitement and express gratitude as already having your desires before they actually manifest, the Universe/Life registers it as you already having them and this one in turn, sends you back more of the same things you are proclaiming to already have.

In essence, by stating that you have what you don’t, brings to you what you want and don’t have.

Each time you state and feel (emphasis on the feel) that you already have your desire, that declaration, that feeling, sends the energy into the Universe that brings it to you.  The feeling is what magnetizes and materializes it.

When you are feeling positive emotions on a consistent basis, the Universe/life goes out to work to bring you the-know-how, the opportunities, the people, the tools for your desires to manifest.

Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say, what things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them”

I hope this message has touched you and will help you make the shift to attract the best life you deserve.

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with gratitude,

waleuska lazo