Habits for a Fulfilling Life

We are the sum of the habits we practice. Here are some habits worth developing and practicing for a fulling life:

  1. The habit of gratitude: Wake up each morning and before your feet hit the ground give thanks for all that you are and have in your life.
  2. forgivenessThe habit of forgiving: Forgive everything and hold no ill feelings towards those who erred you. This will bring peace to your heart.
  3. The habit of letting go: Let go of all the things and people that don’t serve your highest good. Make a point to periodically purge things so you can make room for the new to come into your life.
  4. The habit of facing your fears: Every day try to do something that scares you. Push beyond your comfort zone a little each day as that’s the way you grow. If it doesn’t stretch you, it doesn’t change you.
  5. The habit of acceptance: Accept with grace what is. Don’t waste your precious time fighting swimming against the stream.
  6. The habit of competing with yourself: Each day, strive to be a bit better than you were the day before. Be a bit kinder, more loving, more giving, more expressive, more human, more forgiving, more joyful, more cooperative, and more human.
  7. habits for a fulfilling lifeThe habit of rising with the sun: Wake up early and seize the best hours of your day and devote them to plan how you want your day, your week, and your life to go. The most successful people belong to the early riser’s club.
  8. The habit of failing often and learning from failure: Losing the fear of failing is powerful because that means you are taking risks. Learning from your failures will make you unstoppable and if you learned from them, then you never truly failed.
  9. The habit of integrity: Do what you say you will do and do it when you say. This way, people will learn to trust your word and your worth.
  10. The habit of asking for divine help: There is power in prayer. The Universe is forever on guard, waiting for you to ask for guidance and protection.