I have a bold question for you.  Are you struggling with your relationship and have that sinking feeling that you can do better to have the relationship of your dreams? If this sounds familiar, keep reading. 


I know that sinking feeling all too well.  Eight years ago, I got divorced after 23 years of marriage. Of course, when I did this, I was certain it was all his fault and I had a long list of reasons, resentments and complaints as to why, after so long together, it was best to call it quits. My marriage didn’t start this way. We married feeling we were soul mates. We were young, full of hope, and in love. But sometimes love on its own isn’t enough.



You may be wondering if this was a decision I took on the spot.  No, it wasn’t. We had been in therapy for ten long years, and nothing really helped.  Why? The sessions became a punching bag where we took turns complaining about the other.  I remember leaving, always deflated and feeling worse than when I came in.  My thought was always, “Nothing I do is ever good enough for him.” And here is the crazy thing, he would walk away saying the same.  Each of us was complaining and fighting for the exact same thing, more love, more connection, more recognition and significance.


Early in our courtship we made a pact that if at one point we felt we weren’t making the other happy, we would walk away with love and dignity.  Sadly, that day came for us and we both walked away from the marriage feeling we had failed at making the other happy.


Knowing what I know today, things would have turned out differently. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me say that most marriage therapy doesn’t work. Why?  I didn’t realize at the time that my journey had made me a pHD graduate from the “School of Hard Knocks.”


I now know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for my journey and the revelations I learned. I learned the best of the best from relationship experts, psychologists, and life coaches. I internalized what worked and discarded the rest to create my own system.  What happened?


Today, my ex-husband and I are the best of friends. I am in a loving relationship with a new partner that has me fulfilled, happy, and in love. After friends and family saw my transformation, they asked for my “secret.” 


relationshipI began helping individuals whose relationships were on the line. I am pleased to share that the couples who learned my system saved their relationships and are now living happy and fulfilled lives. 


For example, Samantha and Joe went from the verge of divorce and resentment to finding alignment and rekindling the love they once had which they did not think was possible. Samantha went from feeling her husband didn’t love her to seeing how it was her narrow-minded focus on her own stress that blinded her from seeing just how much her husband actually did for her. She went from feeling stressed and taken for granted to feeling deeply loved, cared for and protected by her husband.  As you can imagine, this also did wonders for their sex life which was nonexistent at some point. At the same time, the couples saved years of frustrating therapy that doesn’t work and thousands of dollars.


The truth is if my system worked for me and the couples I helped, it can also work for you. But most people don’t know where to begin or what to do.  Did you know that 95% of your actions and reactions are a result of your fundamental human needs?  


Here’s a tip for you. 


When you know what need drives both you and your partner, you can each make a “deposit” in your respective love bank accounts. Consistent love deposits in a bank account make the account grow, thrive, and prosper. You achieve the same result when you know how to make consistent deposits into your partner’s love account. But here is the catch, you must know the type of deposits your partner needs otherwise is like you making money deposits into an account. If you make the wrong type of deposit it is like making no deposit at all. 


My mission when working with individuals is to have them not need me. Yes, you read that right. My system teaches the fisher person how to fish. Now, I have good news. I’ve opened 3 spots in my private practice to help you transform your relationships.  Imagine what a difference it would make in your life when you wake up in the morning feeling peace and harmony, knowing that the person you’re with is the one you want to grow old with as you both share a deep connection, love and loyalty. I know this is possible for you and this is what I am here to help you with


So, if you’re tired of struggling with your relationship and are ready to go from feeling terrible most days to feeling deeply fulfilled and in love, book your free Relationship Breakthrough Call