It was one of those chilly nights lying on my bed resting, feeling the world on my shoulders.  I say chilly not because it was cold, but because my entire being felt cold in distress over the loss of the man I had loved so deeply.

The tears were uncontainable, and although I tried to put on a strong face in front of my 9-year-old, the pain was too evident.  My daughter is the kind of child that is extremely perceptive.

There is something magical about her that allows her to get in tune with human suffering.  She just feels it.  She is wise beyond her years.

Her innocence allows her to look right into my heart and see things from a degree of separation that my entangled heart cannot.

Lying next to my daughter, feeling the warmth of her little body and unconditional love, was a moment I will always cherish.

She leaned ever so close to me and snuggled right up against me giving her love. It’s a love that is unsolicited, and so needed by me at that moment.

“I know how you feel,” she said.  I looked at her and thought to myself, how you could know, you are only nine.

Curious I asked, “Tell me.”

“You feel a part of your soul is missing. That you lost your heart and part of your future,” she said.

“You miss the person who you will never see again,” she continued, “and your pain is so big you can’t sleep. You feel that you have lost your companion”.

Wow, yes that is exactly what I was feeling.

In disbelief, I was shocked that my baby could have grasped so well the depths of my soul.

How was this possible? She is just a child. But what came later was even more astonishing.

“Don’t worry Mommy; the angels are here whispering in your ear,” She said in her tender voice.

“The angels”?  I asked in surprised.  ”

Yes,” she said, “they are here talking to you right now.”

“What are they saying,” I asked, “why can’t I hear them?”

She leaned over and said, “Close your eyes, and you will hear them.”

I closed my eyes, and the tears rolled onto my cheeks.

She said, “The angels are saying, Waleuska, this is a new opportunity that God is giving you. When one door closes, another one opens. Something great is coming to you.  God is showing you a new life.  You just need to trust your journey.  You will have a life full of love.  You will find someone who will love you and make you happy”.

In my shock and through my tears pouring, I said to her, “but I still can’t hear the angels.”

My little one said in a soft voice, “Close your eyes and open your heart. Tell God you are ready and you will hear the angels whisper: Waleuska it’s a new opportunity for you to be truly happy”.

The concept of angels, the belief that there is some divine presence looking after us, is a concept many subscribe due to religious reasons or life experiences.

For me, it is a simple belief that has always resonated in my heart.

Yes, I do believe in angels!

I have never seen or heard one, but who was I to doubt my daughter?

My daughter possesses such goodness in her heart and maybe this allows her to hear what is not palpable to the rest of us.

Knowing what the angels were trying to communicate to me gave me hope.

Hope is a tremendous healing power, and at that moment, I grabbed on to her words, kissed and thanked her and for the rest of the night, I closed my eyes, trusting my journey in the belief that the best is yet to come!

Yours Truly, Waleuska.