“Trust the guidance of the Universe.  She knows what she’s doing!” —Waleuska Lazo

Your life is not a series of random experiences.  You are not a feather flying in the air to whatever unknown destination the wind happens to blow. Your life is an intentional plan, a plan aligned with your soul’s purpose.

The Universe (the term I use in the feminine to describe a higher, divine intelligence) is forever guiding you in the direction of your destiny.  Some of you may prefer the word God, angels, spirit guides, or whatever name you give to what you believe in.  What matters is not the name you use, but instead, knowing that there is a divine intelligence that loves and protects us. 

The Universe works in mysterious ways. She is continually working to make available to you the tools, resources, people, and lessons you need to become the person you were meant to be.

You have a birthright to divine guidance. You are not alone, and you can ask for help whenever you need it. What you need to know is that if you don’t ask, the Universe respects your wish to do things on your own. That’s right, the Universe loves you so much that she respects your wishes even if it’s not in your best interest.

You were born with a master plan set out for you, but it’s up to you to follow your plan, or not. Your free will determines your destiny.

I like to think of the Universe as a good parent —she will guide, communicate, alert,  redirect, and advise you in the ways that she can, but ultimately, she respects your free will and lets you do it your way — along with the consequences that come with it.

When you are ready to ask for help, make sure you are really ready.  Why? Because asking for guidance or a sign means that you’re willing to collaborate with the Universe. It means that you’re committed to releasing control and instead participate and collaborate with a power greater than yourself. 

The choice is yours.  You can create alone, or you can choose to co-create with the Universe.  

Should you choose to co-create with the Universe, there are three things to know:

  1. The Universe does not just give you what you want; she gives you what you need.  
  2. There are no coincidences — just signs. 
  3. The Universe is relentless.  If you ignore a sign, if you don’t learn the lesson, she will continue to send it in different ways with increased intensity and frequency.  

Trust me on this one! You may think you can ignore it, perhaps you can postpone it, but you can never escape it.  Either you learn it in this life, or it will follow you onto the next until you learn the lessons you came to learn. 

Listening to the Universe

Ways the Universe communicates. 

Once you invite in the Universe’s guidance, she will use any means necessary to get your attention, including loss, grief, death, sickness, and on many occasions, the people you love. The Universe finds ways to show you things you have hidden in the depths of your subconscious mind that you need to remember.  

The Universe communicates through signs that are unique to each person because she will use things that resonate with you.  There are things you may start to see or notice that show up repeatedly — that’s your cue of a sign. Seeing those signs are equivalent to the Universe winking at you or giving you a little nudge.

The Universe may communicate through, but not limited to, repeat sequence of numbers, dreams, synchronicities, messages through people, books, movies, songs, and the big one — the lessons which she often sends to you through your closest relationships. 

I learned through my own experience that the Universe would often use your intimate relationships to bring to the surface of your conscious awareness all the things you need to address, learn, and heal so that ultimately you can reach your intended destiny.

Once you ask for guidance, you will start to see signs and messages everywhere. It’s like a muscle.  When you work your muscle, it becomes stronger.  Similarly, when you work with the Universe, the more receptive you become, the more you will notice.

If you do not see a sign or hear your message, don’t give up.  If this is something entirely new for you, it will take practice. Trust me. The signs are always there.  She is always speaking to us. We just have forgotten how to hear her. You need to become mindful enough to see. Sometimes not getting the sign you’ve asked for can also be a sign.

What are the examples of signs?

The list below are common signs:

Numbers: Some people strongly resonate with numbers that keep showing up. Some people relate how they always see 1111, 5555. My number is 13. Numbers are winks. It is a way the Universe uses to say, “Hey, you’re good. Keep going.” 

Synchronicities: Synchronicities are a series of events that are connected by intentionality and out of the ordinary.  These are the ways she guides you.  These are positive messages she brings to direct your steps.  In the interest of keeping this article shorter, I provide many examples of this in my podcast on my website or on YouTube titled How The Universe Communicates –Short Stories 

Dreams: Dreams are powerful ways the Universe uses to convey a message or an answer to a problem or decision you need to take that you asked for guidance. Many times, she will give you a message in a dream, but from my own experience, sometimes it comes in code.  You will need to learn her ways to communicate and decode or interpret what she is telling you. This requires practice and skill, so don’t get discouraged.  The more you practice the better you become at it. 

People: The Universe will often use people to convey an essential message. Messages may come from your loved ones without them realizing it or from a stranger that shows up out of nowhere to help you. A person you talk to that says something that suddenly gives you the idea you needed.  An old friend you haven’t heard from in a long while suddenly calls you to covey something.  

Songs, books, movies, podcasts: Sometimes, you keep hearing a song that has a direct verse that you know intuitively is the message you needed.  A title of a book you randomly grab or a book that falls from a bookshelf and opens to a page, and the passage is a direct experience of what you are feeling. You hear a random podcast or watch a movie, and again the message is there for you. 

Listening to the Universe

Controlling the sign or message:

A word of caution, don’t try to control the sign. Sometimes we ask for signs, and when we get the sign, we ignore it because it is not the sign we want, so we keep waiting and asking.  It does not work that way. 

Don’t be like Jack, a hiker who was walking along a cliff and lost his balance and fell. On his way down, he grabbed onto a branch. While hanging, he saw below the canyon straight down more than 1000 feet. 

Not being able to hold onto the branch forever, he asked for help. “Help, help, anyone there that can help me?” Finally, Jack heard a voice, “I am God. How can I help you?” “Help me, please,” said Jack, “I will do anything.”  “Ok,” said God, “Let go of the branch. I will catch you. Let go,” There was silence.  Finally, Jack yelled, “Help, help, anyone else up there?”

Listening to the Universe

When I heard that joke, I laughed.  But all kidding aside, we often are like Jack. If you are going to ask for help, you need to be ready to accept and act on the message the Universe sends even when it may not be what you want to hear. 

If you are pushing too hard for a sign, it won’t come.  You must learn to relax, ask, let go, and have patience because it is in that space, in the allowance that the Universe goes out to do her job. When you give space for the message to show, it comes and often when you least expect it.   

Trust the Universe. She knows what she’s doing.  Learn to see the signs and my word of advice? Take the lesson. I now laugh at the Universe’s persistence. I know it’s best not to fight her. 

Do you know the most difficult part of what you must do to live the life of your dreams?


Let her guide you.  It may not be the path you thought you wanted, but it is the path that leads you to the highest and greatest good.

With Gratitude,




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