​Everything in your life is made up of energy.  You may not realize this, but you are a walking transmitter of frequencies much like a radio or cellphone tower.  Your thoughts and emotions are the antennas that emit the frequency that later pulls everything that resonates with these waves.

If you want to attract great things into your life, you will need to learn to tap into a different frequency, much like your television or radio. If you don’t like something that it is playing, you look for another channel, right?  The same is true of your life.

If your mind is focused on the channel of negativity, scarcity, fear, victimhood, and jealousy — that is what life will offer you in return because that is the vibration you are tapping into.  Of course, most people are not even aware because much of the energy we emit is unconscious. You don’t even know that you are doing it and then you ask yourself why your life has turned out the way that it has today  

Life/Universe is like a mirror!  So, whatever you subconsciously feel and think, this mirror reflects back to you.  You attract what you FEEL not what you want and that is because emotions are the language of the heart and your heart is the strongest generator of magnetic field in your body.  It is through this frequency that we magnetize things in our life.

When you live with the mindset that life is out to get you, or that you never have enough, this affects your decisions, choices, and behaviors.

Never mind that things are never as bad as we think, but the mind is powerful and this one will find experiences, events, and circumstances to match ‘the not enough’ or ‘life is hard on me​,​ frequency.’ In turn, it will show you more of the same so that you can go on justifying the fact that you are right to feel this way.

This is a quicksand ordeal and you know what happens when you are in quicksand. No matter how much you​​ struggle to get out, the more you move, the deeper and quicker you sink.

Your mentality of scarcity prevents you from receiving abundance.

When you are tuned to the scarcity channel, you block your own ability to create and attract abundance in your life because you are so focused on treading water, that if you stop to look for new opportunities you may think you’ll drown.

There are people who wish to start their own business, but fear holds them back. Maybe this is happening to you right now and you may think that you can’t do it because you can’t let go of the security of your paycheque. It is your own energy of scarcity that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you live in a state of not having enough, you see the world only through those lenses.  People like this feel unworthy of success in their life. Many may feel that financial wealth is something that will never come to them.  However, it is not that wealth isn’t there for them to have, it is that their own mind blocks their ability to attract that wealth into their lives because they are too focused on getting by.

When you are constantly talking about all that you lack, about all that is not currently working for your life when you are always thinking about what you don’t have, you attract more lack into your life.

Remember that your words carry power and they emit a frequency. Words such as: ‘I want, I wish, If I just had, I need’ are all low vibrating frequencies.  It tells the Universe/life that you don’t have it and so like the mirror that the Universe/life is, it reflects back to you more of the same lack!

When you say, “I want more money, I wish I was healthier, or I wish I had a partner,” you are giving life to the lack, to the illness, to the loneliness.

Be mindful of other words that carry lack and low vibration in them such as:I can’t, I won’t, it’s hard, I don’t believe.’  Even words such as: I am trying, I can try, I will try, I will attempt, are words that carry a frequency of blockage and tells the Universe that you are not fully committed. In the next article, I will provide you with high-frequency words to use instead.

The worst part is that most people tend to spend more time thinking and worrying about what they don’t want rather than on what they do want.  Inadvertently, by doing that, they are attracting what they don’t want.

Another thing most people don’t realize or know is that The universe does not understand past or negative tenses. It only understands present tense— because the present is all there is. So, when you say things like “I don’t want to get COVID-19, I don’t want to get sick” The universe hears “I want to get COVID-19, I want to get sick” 

So, you have to say instead: I am healthy.  I lose weight easily.  Thank you for my job. My immune system is strong. I am protected against all viruses.

Changing the channel to a frequency of abundance is possible so that you can begin to attract better things into your life.  Stay tuned for my next article where I will discuss how to change the channel from lack to the frequency of abundance.

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With gratitude,

waleuska lazo