Life is an incredible teacher, continuously presenting us with opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve.  Along the journey, we accumulate experiences that shape our perspectives, challenge our beliefs, and offer invaluable lessons. Reflecting on the things I’ve learned so far, I am reminded of the rich tapestry of wisdom woven through the threads of my life. From moments of triumph to instances of adversity, each encounter has contributed to my growth and understanding of what is truly important in life.  

In this blog, I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery as I share a curated list of the most profound lessons I’ve gathered along the way.  These insights have shaped my outlook and transformed me into the person I am today.  As you read the list, I invite you to reflect on your own journey and may these lessons spark introspection, inspire new perspectives and ignite a desire for personal growth within you.

Insights and Lessons:

  • Just because something ended doesn’t mean it failed.
  • Not every relationship is meant to go the distance. 
  • Patience is an existential tool.
  • Express what you really feel and want. People aren’t mind readers.
  • Forgive mistakes quickly.
  • Makeup with the people you love.
  • Short-term memory is an asset when it comes to arguing with people you love.
  • You attract what you consistently think about. 
  • Believe in miracles.  They do happen.
  • The grass is never greener on the other side.
  • Listen wholeheartedly.
  • Assume the good always.
  • Be someone else’s safe haven.
  • Be honest even if it’s difficult.
  • Things are never as bad as you make them out to be.
  • Don’t assume you’ll have time for things later. Do them now!
  • Not everything you lose is a loss. Some losses are blessings.
  • Sometimes not getting what you want can be a great blessing.
  • The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.
  • You can be fearful and still be courageous. 
  • There are no coincidences, only divine appointments. 
  • The painful experiences you try to avoid are the ones you need the most.
  • Perfection is overrated. 
  • It is not your job to change or save anyone.
  • There are no bad relationships, only teachers.
  • Find your passion and you’ll live a fulfilled life. 
  • Listen to your heart. It always knows best.
  • Make peace with your past so you can heal.
  • Give yourself permission to grieve.
  • Trust the Universe even when you don’t understand the plan.  
  • Don’t quit three feet from gold.
  • Showing up is half the battle. The other is being the last one standing. 
  • Overnight success is paved by years of trial, sweat, and tears. 
  • Determination and passion transform the impossible into possible.
  • Don’t postpone living. 
  • There are angels in the most unexpected places.  
  • Good boundaries make great relationships. 
  • You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.
  • The Universe listens to your prayers but may not respond in the way you ask.
  • Be willing to be a teacher and a student. 
  • The only person in the way of achieving your dreams is YOU!
  • Have roots and wings. 
  • Pick your battles wisely.
  • What goes around comes around. 
  • Anger and hatred are like a boomerang.
  • It’s okay to stand alone. 
  • Don’t miss your date with destiny. 
  • There is no greater love than that of a parent.
  • Life is a roller coaster. You ride, you fall, you laugh, you scream, you hold on tight, you let go, you catch your breath, and you start all over again.

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With Gratitude, Waleuska Lazo