The Universe knows what is in your soul. But first, she must give you the experiences
and training you need to equip you for the battle and victory of your destiny.

I’ve learned that the Universe plays no favorites, and it will often give you what you want, but not exactly as you asked. Sometimes when you don’t get what you want, it is because there is either a different path for you, or there are things you must first learn in order to prepare for the things you want. You must go through a training season before you can achieve your destiny. But also understand that even though the Universe is always conspiring to make things happen for your highest and greatest good, it does not mean she is there to make your every wish come true.

 There are things the Universe knows and sees that you don’t and if those things are not aligned with the greater plan of your life, those things will not happen. This is why so many people grow discouraged and lose faith as they can’t understand why the Universe is not listening to their prayers. In fact, you may, as I did, even wonder if this divine presence exists at all.  

The Universe is listening. Are you Prepared?

What I can tell you is this. The Universe is listening. Trust me. She knows what you want. But this isn’t how this works. Things don’t happen as you envisioned them, nor do they happen on your timeline. It’s like being a heart surgeon. Before the surgeon can operate on someone, they must go through a lengthy process of preparation. If they skip the preparation, if they bypass any of the lessons, the patient can die.

The same is true for you. In order to handle the life you are destined to have, you too must undergo a process of rigorous preparation. You may be given lessons you don’t like; experiences you can’t understand, experiences that cause you to question if the Universe is against you. You may be wondering why so many bad things happen to you when you are a good person who works hard toward your dreams. Yet, nothing seems to be working out for you. If you are feeling this way, you are not alone.

I grew up seeing the two most important men in my life, my father and grandfather both doctors, save people’s lives. Naturally, I wanted to be like them and I decided that I would dedicate my life to be of service just as they were. I believed that there was this grandiose plan for my life. I was going to use my greatness to change the world some day, somehow.

 I also grew up with two important women in my life, my grandma Rosa and great-grandmother, Abuelita Candida, both strong in their faith. They believed that the Universe would provide for and protect them as well as their families, always. Naturally, I learned to expect the same. I thought that if I prayed diligently and work hard enough, be a good person and stayed in the safety of my cocoon, that the Universe would surely give me what I wanted. I was naïve.

When it didn’t happen, I couldn’t understand why the Universe was so insistent on denying me what I wanted. Don’t good people who want to be of service to others get it easier? I asked myself. 

Did the Universe Abandon Me?

Well, let’s just say my life didn’t turn out the way I had planned. I didn’t go to medical school to be like my role models and praying didn’t turn out to be as effective as my grandmothers had me believe —at least that is what I thought. Instead, a civil war forced me out of my country. I had to adjust to a new life in a new country, Canada. I went from being a big fish in a small pond to a minuscule fish in a large pond. My dreams of becoming a doctor or someone of importance seemed impossible in this new country as I didn’t have the language, the money, or the contacts.

 There was nothing grandiose about this new life, but plenty of challenges. I went from having a maid in my country to being the maid. I worked after school cleaning an office building from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm every day to help support the home and save to go to school. We lived from the generosity of food stamps of some organizations in Toronto. My clothes came from fancy designers like, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and thrift stores. My bed came from an old mattress someone had thrown in the back of the rundown, subsidized building we lived in. And if things couldn’t get any rougher, after working and studying for long hours, I would come home to a father who had no resemblance of the man I once knew. I now had to endure a crazy, out-of-control, abusive alcoholic father.

 Where was the Universe in all this,? I wondered. This is not what I had asked of Life! Later came the pain of a divorce, followed by betrayals and emotional abuse at the hands of a man who I thought was going to be my next ticket to happiness. Just when I thought I’ve had enough, an illness takes me hostage. Was that enough? Definitely for me, it seemed like the Universe was not giving me any of what I wanted. Why? I couldn’t understand her plan. 

 Yet, the plans of the Universe are perfect and because you can’t see the entire picture, you may think the Universe has abandoned you. I just first had to go through my training season. Before I could get any of the things I had asked for, I had to be polished like a rock that through pressure and heat becomes a precious stone. I didn’t understand this in the moment. I thought that if you are good and you pray, then you had the upper hand. Well, it doesn’t work that way.  So, if you are going through hell right now, consider that this may be your training season.

I was indeed born for a great purpose, and I was indeed going to help people, but before I could grow into my grandiose destiny, the Universe had to first give me the tools I needed. Those tools could not have come from any other place than from the deep wells of despair and lessons I had to endure. I could not have possibly been ready to assume the role Life and/or the Universe had for me, had I not gone through every one of those things. So, you see, when I doubted the Universe most, is when she was hardest at work for my destiny. She will do the same for you!

A Different Path But the Same Dream

 Remember I said I wanted to be like my grandfather and father who were doctors to help heal people? Well, the Universe did hear me. She was just preparing me to be a different kind of doctor. Her plan for me was not to become a doctor in the traditional sense, but a healer, nonetheless. The Universe will often send you on a different path but a path that always preserves the dream you have in your heart. She may just choose a different venue for you to achieve it.

I am what you call a “soul doctor.” I help people heal their emotional wounds by transforming their painful events into opportunities for growth. I teach others how to turn their hurt into wisdom and live grateful lives despite the challenges they had to endure. If you have never taken my 28-day FMTG Transformational course, I invite you to consider it.  

You can acquire The Gratitude Blueprint book from Amazon or here  and once you have purchased it, you can register free on my site to take a facilitator-led course offered over a private Facebook group every January each year. The course starts and ends at a prescribed time frame, and you are taking it with other people from around the world. You receive 28, five-minute meditations that go with each of the 28 days of the course.  

The Perfect Plan

But here is how the Universe’s plan was so perfect. I could have not reached my soul’s purpose without having gone through the very pain, grief, betrayal, struggles, loss, and health issues that the very people I serve go through. How could I relate to you without knowing what it feels like to walk in your shoes? How could I help you shift your grief, pain, illness, and loss without me knowing what it takes to overcome and heal those myself? How can you trust me to teach you to mend a broken heart, if I didn’t know how to mend mine? It would be impossible.

I believed that the Universe had to put all those things on my path so I could gain the wisdom and tools that would allow me to fulfill my dream of helping transform lives. Yes. The Universe didn’t send me to medical school to learn how to heal a physical body. She sent me to what I called, The School of Life to learn to heal a spiritual soul. 

My advice to you in those difficult moments is to consider that you may be in your training season. Never give up on your dreams. Remember that while the Universe doesn’t always give you what you prayed for in the way you asked, or in the timeline you would like, she will give you what you need to get you to your intended destiny. Trust her and know that everything has a perfect explanation and plan even if you don’t understand it in the moment. Make your plans, dream your dreams but trust the Universe’s way to get you there.