Does life consist of random coincidences, or is life a string of miraculous events nudging us in the direction of our intended destiny?

Is there power in prayer?

Have you ever wondered if there is more than meets the eye?

You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to acknowledge that we often encounter situations that fall into the realm of the unknown.

People that you suddenly encounter to help you during a time of need is no coincidence.  Painful events that occur in our lives that end up propelling you to a new direction, new paths you could have never imagined or expected.

These are the things that often remain a mystery and a subject that has always fascinated me.  A dictionary defines a miracle as an extraordinary event that defies the laws of nature and science.  It is simply unexplained by the realm of what we consider natural or normal.

A few years back, I remember wondering why miracles don’t happen anymore.  Miracles like the ones in biblical times do not seem to occur now, so what happened?

Why isn’t God parting the seas? Why was God not appearing as a burning bush and talking to me as it was the case for Moses? Why do we not see people walk on water as Peter did when he followed Jesus into the Sea of Galilee? Why do we not hear of people rising from the dead as it was the case of Lazarus?

Why have the miracles stopped?

Or have they?


There are people who claim there is no such thing as chances.  Every serendipitous event that we experience is the result of amazing occurrences that spring from the deepest source of our intention.  Perhaps this is the Universe’s way of communicating with us. Those tiny miracles, show us that there is a constant cosmic presence guiding our lives.  Signs are there to confirm that we are on the right track.

What do you think?

Many believe we are spiritual beings, made out of an energy source that is part of a much bigger plan.  When you operate from this standpoint of intention, events, and circumstances are set in motion to illuminate your path, conspiring to get you to your intended destination.

Do you buy this?

We are born with a fully realized sense of oneness with the Universe. The veil between dimensional states of consciousness and the spirit world does not exist.  This explains why many stories of divine encounters involved children as it was the case in Fatima, Portugal.

As children, we see no limitations in manifesting.  As kids, we did not need justifications or logic to accept what is not palpable or explainable.  Our perception is opened.  As we grow, the influences of the world around us, make it more difficult for us to believe.  We lose our sense of oneness with the Universe, and our rational, empirical mind takes over.

What if our cynical mentality and narrow tunnel vision is what prevents us from seeing the manifestations others can experience?

My youngest daughter said to me, “When you learn to see with your heart, your eyes will also see Mommy.”

What if she is correct?

We need a soul awakening.  We need to reconnect to our dormant sense of oneness with the Universe to perceive that miracles are happening to us every day.

Wouldn’t that be a more hopeful way to live?

I used to believe that although miracles existed, they no longer happened in our modern lifetime.  I was under the impression that for a miracle to happen, it had to be extraordinary in magnitude. More importantly, I thought that miracles did not happen to ordinary people like me.

I was wrong.

A few years back, my life took an unexpected and painful turn.  I learned a set of lessons that re-ignited my sense of oneness with the Universe which led me to a new mindset.  I now believe that miracles do not need to always be supernatural in magnitude. To appreciate your miracles you need to change your perspective and definition of what a miracle is.

To me, a miracle is a change in perception. We are full expressions of God, and the Universe manifests that which we are open to believing.  If you are open to seeing the world as a place where good things are possible, guess what is going to happen? You will be open to seeing miracles.

I believe miracles come packaged in the simplest of things.  Miracles occur from the power of our intention which we often refer to as an answered prayer.  When people change their perception of what a miracle is, people are more willing to, in fact, say, “Oh, yes, I’ve had a miracle happen to me.”  Miracles are present in the things that we take for granted because we have lost perspective of what a miracle truly is.

All my coincidences and serendipitous events were nothing but nudges from the Universe, nudges that pushed and guided me back to my intended path. Like my daughter said, I just needed to open my heart to let my eyes see what I had for some reason forgotten.

I had a shift in perception.  I no longer need to see the red sea parted to know there is a miracle happening every day for each of us. I no longer believe that miracles need to be of extraordinary nature, although they can be.  More than anything, miracles are the result of an everyday occurrence for those who realize that anything and everything is possible.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” – Albert Einstein

Think of your own recent experiences. Think of an event which you can’t explain and dismissed as a fluke.

Did you reject the thought that something simple or small could be a miracle?

Have you ever found yourself thinking of someone that you have not heard from in a while and later that day you see or hear from that person?

Have you experienced losing a job or someone you love and thought your world would end? Unexpectedly a better, happier opportunity comes your way.

Have you been in a situation or accident where death was certain to happen, and yet you are here to tell the story?

Think of a time when you were in need of an answer.  You prayed for a direction.  You asked for a sign, and suddenly you get the idea, the answer, the inspiration you were looking for.

We all have experienced at least one of these occurrences, but we push them to the side as random strokes of luck.

I am here to tell you that these so-called random experiences are not luck.  These incidents are everyday miracles happening FOR YOU.  To guide you to the path that serves your highest good.

In the past six months, I have witnessed many of those tiny miracles we often call windfalls.  Today, I want to tell you about one in particular, as it is the reason why you are reading about miracles in the first place.

Two weeks ago, I had decided to write a blog for December about love, friendship, and hope.  I wanted to write about something upbeat since the holidays were fast approaching.  I was eager to write but was not quite sure how to get into it.  I would sit at my computer and guess what? NADA!  Nothing would happen.  I could not get a word out.  I began to panic.

“Do I have a writer’s block?” I asked myself.

I had heard of this term many times in the past, but I had never experienced such a thing.  Everything you have read on my monthly blogs has come so naturally to me, and the subjects never planned. I wrote about things that came to me by either reading something or by experiencing something that I felt the urge to share with you.  But this particular time was different.  I had for the first time, a preconceived notion and plan of what I wanted to write.

After days of agony and procrastination, one night before going to bed, I decided to ask the Universe.

“Are you trying to tell me something? What would you rather have me do?”

I went to bed, hoping for a vision, but nothing came.  The next morning, I had an EFT session (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping). My good friend Hilda Rendl and I do our tapping sessions via Zoom video conferencing.  It is always such a pleasure for me to share what is going on in my life with her.

Hilda said to me, “Do you have something specific that you want to work on today?”

I responded, “Well I have been struggling with writing about love and friendship.  I tried, but the words are not coming out.  In spite of my good intentions, I’m starting to think that the Universe does not want me to write about that.”

Hilda brings out her angel deck of cards and tells me to choose one.  I tell her to shuffle them; she does it, and I say stop… I select the front card.  She reads the angel card which in brief said,

“It is not selfish to ask us for help.  When you allow us to give to you, you also inspire others to see that the spiritual path gives you all the support that is ever needed.  This card is a reminder that God and the Angels can only intervene if you request our help”.

Freaky don’t you think?

I laughed. I told Hilda, “So I will ask” and I proceeded to say out loud,

“I need to know what it is that you want me to write about.  What is the message I need to convey?   All I need is for you to give me a sign.  It can be a line I read in a book. It can be something I watch on TV or something I hear on a podcast that would inspire me as it has been the case on all the other occasions”.

As we were about to end our session, I shared with Hilda a true story I had seen a week ago on a podcast.  The story that I had seen was so inspiring that it made me cry while running on the treadmill.  When I finished telling Hilda the story, she was overcome by emotion and after she said to me, “Don’t you see Waleuska? The angels sent you the message all alone. They told you what your blog needed to be about; you need to write about this story – about miracles.”

I felt this surge of energy go through me. The Universe had given me the inspiration and guidance all along.  This is the message I needed to convey to you through my writing.  But I had missed it.  My prejudice had blinded me.  My inability to see the obvious was a lesson for me. Let it be a lesson for you too.  By trying to control our world from: ‘WHAT IS’ for what: ‘IT SHOULD BE’, we block the flow of the Universe.  We block the opportunity for the Universe to guide us and impede the miracles to filter through our lives.

So here is the story that inspired me to write to you about miracles:

Shawn was part of a Bible-based congregation in Louisiana, USA. One evening, the congregation gathered to honor Shawn’s safe return home. Shawn had returned from a Peace Corps assignment in a dangerous area of the world.  He had been deployed to a small village that was at a considerable distance from the nearest town. Part of Shawn’s responsibility was to make a weekly trip to the town for supplies.

Shawn stood up to tell his congregation about something he had experienced. “On one of the trips to the village, I felt a little more apprehensive than usual.  Besides the customary supplies and mail, I was also carrying some money for the village. The trip was far, so it always involved an overnight camp which was a bit scary for me, alone in the jungle.”

Shawn continued,

“Two weeks later I repeated the same journey.  When I arrived at the village, a man approached me and told me he had followed me on the last trip.  He knew that I was carrying money and that he had planned on killing me while I camped. I was shocked. The man told me that their plan failed because as they approached, they noticed that 26 armed men were surrounding me.  I shook my head, laughed nervously and told the man that most certainly I was alone that night in the camp.  But the man insisted on what they saw and told me that they even counted the armed men.”

When Shawn’s father heard his son’s story, he stood up in front of the congregation and said, “When my son told me that story, something struck me. I asked him to tell me the exact day he camped.”  Shawn responded it had been September 23.

The father explained,

“The reason that was important was because that day, it was morning for me in Louisiana, and I had gone out to play golf.  I was about to tee off when I felt this overwhelming urge to pray for Shawn. The urging was so strong that I left the golf course.  I called some people from the congregation to join me in praying for my son.”

The father proceeded to ask the congregation,

“Will those men I called that day to pray for my son please stand up when I call your name… Dave, Dennis, Richard, Bruce, Lloyd, Greg, John, Leon, Brian, Bob, Danny, Eddie, Larry, William, Peter, Joseph, Joey, Reggie, Max, Paul, Joe, Steve, Dan, Bernard, Tom, and Kurt.”

To Shawn’s and everyone else’s surprise, 26 men remained standing in front of the congregation.  All in odd of the miracle that had happened!

This story captivated me to the point of tears.  Could it be that a father’s love, collective prayer, and faith can be so strong as to defy the laws of nature?

How is it possible that the two thieves at the moment of attacking Shawn saw 26 armed men protecting him? Precisely 26 men had been called to pray on that very day for Shawn when he needed it most.

Coincidence or a miracle?

You decide!

Like this story, there are hundreds of people testifying to the miraculous events that they have experienced in their lives; people saved by mysterious strangers that vanish as quickly as they appeared, people whose lives were spared by unusual delays just to find out that, this second of delay saved their lives.

I am not here to convince you about the possibilities of miracles.  I am only here to convey you a message from the Universe:  There are miracles all around and many are FOR YOU.  The Universe wants you to know that you are never alone. Never lose hope. Everything that happens in your life, is part of a bigger plan.

I was wrong in thinking that God or the Universe only spoke and manifested to people in biblical times.  I now know God speaks to each of us every day and what a better way to do it, than through coincidences don’t you think? In the little things that cause us to wonder often, “Hmm…what were the odds of that happening?”  I have been presented with many miracles since my life took that sudden turn.  Miracles that before, I would have brushed off as mere flukes.

My string of little miracles has imbued my life with a sense of mysticism where no matter what comes my way, I do not fear. I live with a deep sense that the Universe is forever on guard to protect me. Guiding me to my intended destiny and I am now more aware than ever of the miracles in my path.

Think even about the odds of you reading this blog? You could have easily chosen not to open this message and much less read it. Yet you did.  The very fact that this blog reached you and compelled you to read it is a miracle.

The Universe may have taken me in a different direction from what I had thought this blog was going to be about.  Nonetheless, I accomplished the same outcome.  I was able to write about hope and love.  In reality, what I have learned, is that LOVE is the sole motivating factor for miracles to happen.

On that note, I wish you and your families a happy, joyful and healthy holidays.  December symbolizes the season of love and hope.  It is the time of the year in which we are all reminded, at least for a short time that, family, love, forgiveness, kindness, and friendships are indeed important things to celebrate. The very realization of that, which happens to all of us, regardless of race or religion is A MIRACLE!

Wishing you a miracle-minded life

Yours truly,