In my April blog, Whisper’s of an Angel I shared my daughter is an angel whisper.  She has a gift of knowing what’s in my soul and knows how to give my heart hope.  Yes, she is only NINE years of age, but she is the best adviser and the wisest soul I know.

My daughter has seen my struggle and grief, but she has also witnessed my courage and daily effort to dig myself out of the dark hole I find myself in. She has seen me cry, reflect, love and embrace my pain.

As part of my healing, I adopted a spiritual practice that consists of meditating three times a day. Each morning at 5:30 am, again in the afternoon and at night before I go to bed.

My spiritual practice also consists of saying a set of affirmations to counterbalance imprints. Throughout the day I say these affirmations anytime I can. Since I do not like to waste a single second, I often say them when I drive. My kids get a real kick out of hearing me.  They think it’s hilarious. Although my kids laugh now, I also know they are watching and learning. Hopefully, my kids will repeat those affirmations one day. 

Part of my process is learning to surrender my worries to the universe. To let the fear go and live in a state of faith, trusting that my steps and life are being guided towards my intended destiny.

One day, I was feeling a lot of grief and anxiety. I began to meditate asking my spirit guides for a direction or signal that I was on the right path. I anxiously waited for a sign, dream or message. Anything that could make sense of the roller coaster I had endured with my ex-partner.


I kept trying night after night for five consecutive days. Still nothing.

Finally, on day 6, I put on my headset, clicked on my YouTube app ready to meditate. The first available clip was: Guided Mediation. Meet your Spirit Guides By Unlocking Your Third Eye.

“Uhh, Pretty funky,” I thought.

I closed my eyes on my medication pillow and began letting go of the world around me.

Without realizing I had fallen asleep. When the clip finished, I was wakened up by the loud voice of an anchorman. The next clip in the queue started to play automatically: Proof that God and Angels are Real. Stories of people who had been on the brink of death miraculously saved by strangers. Angels who came out of nowhere and disappeared just the same.

“Wow, this is right up my alley”!  I said out loud

I was fascinated by the special aired on ABC News on March 1, 2017. At that moment I was not sensing any connection.  So, I shrugged it off as pure coincidence.

But that night, something strange happened.

It was 10 pm, and I was in a deep sleep. My little one woke me in the dark and out of nowhere, unsolicited, my daughter began to angel whisper again.

She told me the most amazing analogy about my life. I know in my heart that the message and sign I had been asking for was being transmitted through her.

The following is a direct transcript from the lips of an angel:

“Mommy” she began,

“I know you are very sad about losing your partner, but you shouldn’t be.

 You need to understand that your life is like a train.  We are all on a journey, and your train right now has crashed.

 You see, at the beginning of your relationship with him, your train was going smooth on a straight line. But your train began to experience some obstacles that made you have a rocky ride. You persisted through the turbulence. Your train continued smooth for a short while longer with some twist and turns along the way.

 Your train made some risky decisions: Does it go right or does it go left? Which way is good? Which way is bad? Nobody knows.  

 You just need to listen to your heart, but you also need to listen a little to your brain”.  

“You see Mommy,” she continued,

“When your train crashes, it stops, and while it stands still, it’s the time when you are hurt, in pain, and a time when you learn to heal.  As you heal, your train will begin to move.  

 Right now your train has begun to move, but very slowly.  You are just a bit below half way of the road. When a heart breaks the time to recover takes long.  It won’t happen right away, Mommy.  

You will have to do a lot of work and overcome lots of obstacles that God puts on our tracks.  Those obstacles have something bad, but also something good in them.  A lesson to learn.  

When you overcome those obstacles, and you will because you always do, your train will slowly begin to move again in a straight line.  As you heal more and more, so will the speed of your train.  

When you’re healed, your train will go through beautiful green valleys. On the side of the road, you will see mountains with snow on their tips. You will see water streams running, and once more, beautiful sunshine will mark the path of your train.

On the side of the tracks, you will see all kinds of beautiful trees. Those trees are all the people that love you.  Those trees are us, your friends and family that are there for you no matter what.  The massive Zapote* trees are your guardian angels giving you shade.  Those trees give fruit, but fruit that never becomes rotten”.

She continued,

 “We, your family, are the cherry trees that give you flowers and leaves that never fall.  No matter what difficulties your train faces: hurricane, rain, or snow, your trees never leave you.  They are there always by your side.  

Your ex-partner was just a dead tree, and you crashed on that tree because it was in the middle of your tracks.  So it didn’t matter what you did mommy, that tree had to go.  It was dead for a long time, and it can’t return to life. You had to crash to go over it.  It’s the only way for your train to move forward.  

Sometimes God sends you obstacles, but He always sends something good as well. Although, you must pass His test. If you don’t pass His test, God will continue to send you more obstacles. He will give you more twist and turns until you learn or until you eventually crash on a tree. That’s what happened to you, Mommy.

The Tracks of my Life - Landscape

Once you heal, God will make your train move.  God is directing your life. He has amazing things ahead for you. Valleys as green as the ones you love in Peru.

When your ex-partner is finally out of your heart, you will see full green, sunny fields full of grown lavender trees. Your train will make a stop, you will get out, and you will run through the fields and feel the breeze. That will be God telling you,

 “Waleuska you passed the test” you can breathe free again.”

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I chose to grab on to the words of this wise soul as a sign of the message I had asked for.  I had tears pouring down my cheeks as I could feel the presence of God in her comforting words.

As soon as my daughter finished talking, she fell into a deep sleep exhausted from channeling the Angels’ message. I watched her sleep in awe of such a profound analogy.

My daughter is right; we are all on a journey and our train stops, diverts, goes through twists and turns symbolic of the challenges we face along the way.

I can now surrender my fears to the universe knowing, as my daughter said, God is directing my train. As I heal, my train will pick up speed in a straight line.

In the depth of my soul, I understood the message my spirit guides and angels were sending.  I’m being told there is nothing to fear.

A life of joy and fulfillment, a life of green valleys and streams awaits me. The Angels tell me I am not alone. The Angels are blessing me with undying and un-shedding trees, cheering for me, and guiding me.

The Tracks of my Life - Train

Each day the pain subsides a little more.  Each day I learn more about my hidden power and courage.  Each day I find new meaning and strength in myself. I feel blessed to have the life God has bestowed upon me.

Yes, my train will run at full speed again.  I will step into those beautiful valleys like the ones my daughter describes.  I will run through my lavender and cherry trees, feel the breeze and the sun touch my face and breathe happily again.

I know this for certain because an angel whispered it to me.

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

* Zapote trees are massive with incredible branches that extend and give amazing shade. They produce a fruit similar to an avocado, but the fruit is brown on the outside and orange on the inside.  I found it interesting that my daughter would mention a Zapote tree. She knows Zapote is my favorite fruit, but she has never seen a tree.  Yet her description was incredibly assertive.