Once upon a time, there were three sons who were equally given three farms. “Go and do as you wish with your land,” exclaimed their father.

The first son was very grateful. He immediately decided he was going to work his land and convert it into a magnificent Field of Greens. “I will plant and produce the best vegetables and herbs the world has ever seen,” he promised.

He woke up at 5:30 am each morning to work his land and returned home after sundown. The days were long, but since he loved what he did, to him, it was not work. He put so much pride and effort into his dream that he carefully selected every seed and he studied their germination and growth characteristics before he planted them on his land. He took the time to diligently weed out any disease and blights that his plants could be susceptible to and fertilized the soil so only the best vegetables and herbs would grow.You Reap What You Sow

Everything he earned in the early days, he reinvested in his land. He understood that to be successful, he would need to dedicate himself to the land. So, he educated himself on the latest farming methodology, invested in new and updated machinery, and adopted the most innovative irrigation systems available.

This went on for years and finally, after much love and determination, his farm began to produce the best vegetables and herbs in the nation. His farm came to be known all over the land and people nicknamed it from Field of Greens to Field of Dreams, because anything he planted grew with astonishing results. Eventually, the farmer began to teach other farmers who came from far and wide to learn his magnificent farming methodology.  So, it is said, that the first son went on to live a fulfilled, abundant, and happy life reaping and sharing the fruits of his labor.

The second son was too, grateful, and decided that he would farm his land as well. But, he also had other immediate desires, so he chose to sell half of his land and used the money to immediately enjoy his life. He bought himself a great large house, a nice car, and a boat. With the remainder of the land, he chose to grow potatoes of different kinds.

He worked his land only part-time so he could still spend his free time enjoying his many toys. He periodically informed himself about new systems of farming that could help his crops produce with more success. Each harvest, he took out the wealth produced by his farm and spent it on living large.  His farm did not become a great farm, but it produced enough to sustain the farmer’s expectations. So, it is said that the second son went on to live a standard and limited life.

You Reap What You SowThe third son decided he did not want to live tied to his land, so he sold most of the farm. He left someone else in charge of what remained of it and chose to grow tomatoes. He took the proceeds of the sale to travel the world and live lavishly. He did not invest anything in his land and spent everything he received from the small production of the land.

Soon after, the third son found himself penniless and without land.  The land was never cultivated properly and because he never bothered to oversee it or invest in it, the farm was mismanaged, damaged and the soil became polluted.  Seeing that he had lost all he had, it is said that the third son went on to live a poor, miserable, and unfulfilled life.

The Moral of the Story:

YOUR MIND IS LIKE A FARM. Your mind does not care what crops or seeds you choose to plant. It will give you whatever you give it.  If you give it great seeds and you take the time to cultivate them, it will give you great produce.  You are the farmer of your own life! Your thoughts, beliefs, and choices are the engine that determines the type of harvest you produce.

Your mind is more powerful and obedient than you know.  Every thought you think produces a physiological reaction in your body, a feeling or emotion that emits a frequency and that frequency is at the center of what you attract and create in your life.

You can choose to be the first farmer. Carefully choose what thoughts you allow to germinate and grow in your mind.  Chose to invest your time and effort in cultivating your mind. Put in the effort and determination to create the life of your dreams and choose to make a difference in this world. Nothing in life comes from nothing, it requires effort. But it is within your power to have an abundant and fulfilled life.

You may choose to be the second farmer. These are people who have some sense of the power thoughts can have on their life.  They have either read something or heard something about it, but they aren’t quite sure they believe it. Others who believe it, can’t be bothered because they know change requires too much work and they aren’t willing to put in the time. Instead, they choose to live their days with a false sense of control.  A small minority, partially work on themselves, they fertilize their farm for short times, they live life hoping for the best but harvest only in proportion to their effort and expectations.

Last but not least, you can be farmer number three.  The majority of people belong in this category.  They go through life unconscious and on autopilot, investing nothing in their farms.  They are ruled by their limiting beliefs, make poor choices, and create confined lives. These people take all their proceeds to obtain external and temporary pleasures and blame their mishaps on everyone other than themselves. They are not aware that they can be active creators so they are susceptible to the randomness of life experiencing whatever happens to bump into them.

It is really in your hands to choose the type of life you want to live and create.  Everything starts with the beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you and the thoughts you allow into your mind.

Your mind thinks about 75,000 thoughts a day.  These thoughts are generated based on the belief system you have and 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts you thought about the day before. The interesting part is that most of those thoughts and beliefs are unconscious, which means you are not even aware you have them.

A polluted mind spends 70% of its time thinking and reliving some past event, a past hurt or trauma that keeps you anchored to that painful past.

When you give so much of your energy to your negative, unconscious thoughts and beliefs, it affects how you think and how feel.  How you think and how you feel, over time, becomes your state of being. And because you cannot think greater than how you feel, your every thought, belief, and action are aligned to create a life that gives you more of the same things you had in the past.  Since most people are spending their present in the past, their future will be nothing more than a replica of that past.

Attracting a better life is within your reach. Everything starts with which seeds you give your mind.  The Gratitude Experiment, a 28-day process, helps you become conscious of your unconscious thoughts, helps you overcome limiting beliefs, and teaches you how to give your mind the blueprint of the life you actually want to create.

Remember, you reap what you sow!

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With Gratitude