Everything you’re experiencing right now is happening for a purpose but you may not see it. It’s difficult to appreciate that purpose when you’re caught in the middle of a storm but know that every adversity holds a seed for a greater opportunity. Life will often hide our best tools for personal growth inside our most painful experiences. It’s up to us to uncover them. 

Practice Surrendering

The next time you’re faced with a difficult situation keep faith that, as difficult as it may seem at the moment, it will pass.  Surrender to it because it is in that surrender that we get to test our faith. Accept that you were chosen to undergo this experience. Know that if life has put you through it, life will also see you through it. When you have this kind of perspective, you will gain a level of acceptance and resilience that you need to overcome anything.

surrenderI want you to say.  “This is exactly where I am supposed to be and I surrender to the guidance of the universe.”  Find gratitude that you were chosen because you are strong enough to overcome it. Know that your experience is divine and  practicing surrendering gets you to a place where your faith muscle becomes stronger. You begin to trust life, the divine,  yourself and your God given power to face adversity with acceptance and gratitude.

If you’re going through a heartbreak, that is exactly what you’re supposed to be experiencing.

If you are going through an illness, that is what you’re supposed to be going through.

If you lose your job, that is what you are supposed to endure. 

Surrender: What is meant for you will find you.

All these experiences, as terrible and difficult as it may feel for you in the moment, are a test. Worrying, crying, suffering and stressing about it will not change the outcome because that circumstance is what you were meant to experience.  What is meant for you will find you. What is yours never leaves and what is real can never be threatened.

Be grateful that all these events are here perhaps to show you that you need to change your path. Life offers many doors, but for better doors to open, you have to stop resisting what life is trying to present to you in the moment. Everything that is happening for you right now is preordained and pushing you towards your destiny. Painful events will often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destinies.

Perhaps where you are going through right now is your call for personal evolution. This pain that you are in now holds the seed to your greatest potential. Don’t waste it, surrender to it and say, ‘bring it on because you can’t defeat me.”  Always think that what is occurring has to happen. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get the opportunity for self development and self growth.  It’s accepting that we cannot change the course of life. When you do that, you will experience a level of peace and resilience that you cannot even imagine. 

Why Not Me

surrenderTrust me. There is freedom that comes when we finally accept. So instead of asking ‘why me ?’ Ask ‘why not me? Who else would be resilient to overcome this?’

Our suffering comes from our attachment to the belief that life should be different.  So imagine the peace that comes when we finally accept what is. When you accept and surrender you make peace with reality and start to live life from a place of faith and surrender.  Believe that no matter what comes your way you can handle it and remember that all things, whether we worry or not, have a way of working themselves out in the end.

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