What Betrayal Taught Me

Betrayal. This eight letter word conjures up scary thoughts.  Betrayal is one of the deepest pains we go through because it hits us at the core of our ability to love and trust. After my marriage ended I was grateful for the two loves of my life, my beautiful daughters. When I went into my […]


Find the Gift in your Pain

One of the most profound phrases that I’ve heard in my life came from the lips of someone I deeply admire.  As I wiped my tears, he said, “stay the course and find the gift in your pain.” That phrase has haunted me ever since. They say that human conditioning is to seek pleasure and […]


The Truth is Always in Plain Sight

I thought I had found my Prince Charming. I thought I had found the one to share the rest of my life with. Four years later I have nothing to show, but a bleeding heart and a broken fairy tale. Looking back, I can see, the red flags were in plain sight. Yet, I chose […]