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Confessions from a Mom to Her Child


The birth of a child is a defining moment for parents, especially for mothers. Confessions from a Mom to Her Child by Waleuska Lazo is a beautiful celebration of motherhood. Whether you’re pregnant and expecting or already a mother, you will appreciate the delightful glimpse Lazo gives you into the heart and soul of a mother. From a child’s arrival, to nursing, teething, the first day of school, forming friendships, love, and independence, and ultimately seeing your child become a mom herself, the gentle words of encouragement and pride honor the unbreakable bond moms feel. From beautiful illustrations to a heart-warming story, Confessions from a Mom to Her Child is your gateway to a human experience like none other: the birth of your child and the beginning of a legacy.

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“”Thank you for purchasing Confessions from a Mom to Her Child. This small book was inspired on a trip to London England while sitting on an airplane. I was missing my children and I felt the impulse to write a letter about the magnitude of feelings I was having at that moment.


What began as a letter was transformed into this book that outlines the different stages of a mother-child relationship and the slew of emotions moms feel at the different stages of her child’s life. It is a great gift for any mom or mom-to-be to read on your own on in bed to your child. It is my hope that these pages will take you on a journey of love.”


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