no bypass for pain

There is no bypass for pain. That is a ticket we all get. How we react to it and what we do with the things we face is what sets you apart. Are you going to stay in a victim mentality? Or are you going to raise stronger, wiser, and better because of your circumstances?

Unknown to you, your life has hidden some of the very best gifts it has for you inside your most painful and challenging circumstances. If you are unaware of their purpose at the time they happen, such events may seem devastating to you. But I can assure you; it is in the dark, cloudy moments of your life that you’ll learn the most about your power and natural abilities as a human being. Often it is from the painful experiences where we must stare directly into the face of our fears that we gain the wisdom and strength to become that we were meant to be and to do what we came to do. If we don’t resist it, pain can teach us resilience and wake us up to our potential for greatness.

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