Gratitude is the precursor for everlasting happiness. If you wish to improve or change any aspect of your life, then starting your day with an attitude of GRATITUDE is the shortest way to take. Don’t take it from me, but from the hundreds of students from around the world who have taken The Gratitude Experiment course to transforms their life.

“The Gratitude Experiment course has brought much joy into my life in only a few short weeks. It has taught me: forgiveness, surrender, peace, mirroring, healing, connecting with Mother Earth through our senses, choosing a higher vibration for our greatest and highest good, replacing the old negative tapes with a new language based on love, surrendering judgement & resentment to forgiveness, embracing the past and all those bumps in the road, sending light to the heart allowing it to heal and teach us without interference from the mind, facing our mortality, living this day as if it were our last, not inviting the low vibrations of sickness and grief and unresolved anger, but instead cherishing the dynamic flow of life, realizing that there is neither good nor bad just a series of gratitude opportunities, truly being proud of your unique, brave journey and the person you have become and daily allowing a new you to emerge. Can’t believe just how much power it has given me. What a divinely inspired special course. I feel awakened.” —Peggy Sue Aschwanden

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