Sometimes what we want can limit us. It is because of this reason that we must learn to embrace and be grateful when things we want, actually don’t manifest. It is the Universe protecting!
Sometimes not getting what we want ends up being a great blessing. I can think of many things in my personal life that I worked so hard to get that now I am thankful did not happen because I ended up doing and getting greater things in my life.
A cute story:
On a flight, a man wanted to open the tray table to write some notes. The tray was on the side right underneath the window. He wanted to open the table and he pulled and pulled and nothing. The tray would not open no matter what he did.
He looked at his friend sitting right across the aisle and he was able to pull his tray table and they look they were the same so he started to get frustrated. He pulled, he yanked, he struggled and a table would not open.
He pulled and pulled and still nothing. Finally, a staff member came. She pointed to the window where there was a sign right there in bold letters. “Not a tray table. Emergency exit only”
Sometimes what frustrates us at the moment is God keeping us from our bigger frustration. In his case, it saved his life. Ultimately, you need to trust that something that is meant for you will flow to you. If it is difficult and you have to struggle, chances are, is not your door.

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