So much of what we think and do is controlled by our subconscious programs and we are unaware of 80% of the thoughts we have and the energy we dedicate to thinking about things in our past. In order to change, we must become aware of our thoughts and emotions. Without that awareness, change is difficult.

So, understanding that your thoughts and emotions carry a vibrational signature that gives power to the things you attract is important if you wish to create a better life. Each time you catch yourself having a negative thought and negative emotion, interrupt yourself and change the story you tell yourself.

The consistent act of interrupting your negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions will eventually help you wire a new more positive program in your subconscious mind. By becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts, you gain control over your life. Now you are no longer being run by a program that dictates the direction of your emotions and thus your destiny. Take control of your thoughts and change your destiny.

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