“It is alright to zigzag through life and enjoy the journey. We all get there eventually” —Waleuska Lazo

As a teenager, Frank Lloyd Wright, who became a famous architect, was walking through a snow-covered field with his uncle one day. They were headed to a house. But along the way Frank veered off and stopped by a barn to see the animals. Then he went over to a pond and took a look at that. Then he saw a fort off in the distance. He went out of his way to see that. When he finally caught up with his uncle across the snow-covered field, his uncle said, “Now, Frank. I want to teach you a lesson. Look back at our footsteps in the snow. Mine came straight here. I never ventured off and I arrived here much quicker than you, but Frank, look at yours. You zigzagged all over the place and wasted so much time stopping all along the way.” Frank Lloyd Wright said that was one of the best lessons he ever learned, but he took it in just the opposite way from what his uncle intended. His philosophy was, “I still arrived at the same destination, but I enjoyed all the sights along the way.”

With Gratitude,