Pain can either paralyze or victimize you or it can open you up and liberate you. When I understood this, I began to see painful experiences in my life as wise agents that have come to teach me something valuable, sometimes gently and sometimes harshly, but either way to sharpen and guide me closer to my goals and dreams. It was all a matter of changing the lens through which I looked at the pain.
Shifted your perception and rather than seeing painful experiences as something permanent, which is what we often do while engulfed in it, think of it as something temporary.
This may sound simple or common sense to you—it actually is—but common sense isn’t common. Learning to see the pain in your life as a teacher and as temporary can be one of the best strategies to become empowered. This way, you don’t get to be a powerless victim any longer. You become a student who is wiser and grateful for the lessons.