“Life is not about the mountaintop moments, but about the ordinary moments” —Waleuska Lazo

Learn to be grateful for those moments that many consider insignificant because they aren’t monumental. Yet if you look back at your life, you will recognize that the moments we pay the most attention to, are those which are few and far between.  What makes up the majority of your life are those micro moments that, in truth, are what amount to really the best moments in life. The regret of a dying person is not that they wished to have made more money or achieved more mountaintops, but that they wished to have spent more time with their families.  They wished they had spent more time appreciating the little things in life.  So learn to from the dead and develop the habit of being grateful and mindful of those ordinary moments.  Wake up early to see the sun rise.  Make a point to breathe deeply, to catch a sunset, to savour the laugher of your children, take walks, hold hands, kiss under the moonlight. Be grateful for each moment so when your time comes, you will have no regrets that you wasted so much time on the chase.

With Gratitude,

Waleuska Lazo