“Life is about the journey, not the destination. So enjoy the journey” 

If you become too focused on the destination, the goal, the achievement, you will miss out on the journey. Although it is human nature to strive for achievement, it is important to recognize that life is about so much more than just that.  It is about you how lived, who you touched, and whose life you changed.   Most of life is routine. There are very few mountaintops or what some call Space Mountain moments; you graduate from school, you get married, you have a child, you accumulate wealth.

The high times are few and far between, but many people live only for the mountaintops. Most people live for the goal. They spent their lives making a living that they forget to make a life. They don’t really enjoy their families. They’re so stressed raising their children, they don’t enjoy their children. They’re so caught up in solving daily problems, they don’t enjoy the best moments of each day. Make a point to enjoy the ordinary moments because that’s where the magic is.

With Gratitude,

Waleuska Lazo