“When a person is in love with you, no matter what you tell them, nothing will keep them apart from you.  When a person is not in love with you, it does not matter what you tell them, nothing will make them stay.”— Waleuska Lazo

When a person loves you, even if you try to push them away, they will stand by you and won’t leave you, but once they are out of love, it does not matter how much you say, beg or do, nothing will keep them from leaving.  So do yourself a favor. Let them go.  What is yours does not leave.  What is real can never be threatened. If you like to learn techniques to de-escalate arguments with your partner, I have a guide that I created just for you.  Click here and get your guide: https://www.waleuskalazo.com/deescalation-process-optin/

With Gratitude,

Waleuska Lazo