Do you love what you do? Do you know your purpose?

I believe that each one of us is born with a special gift to share with the world.

Some people are more fortunate than others at finding and living in their purpose each day. As the saying goes, “When you love what you do, and do what you love — it’s not work.”

Unfortunately, most people wake up each day to go to a job they hate, praying for it to be Friday and hoping for Monday not to come, never realizing the one thing that they were meant to do. The end result is unhappy and unfulfilled souls.

Long-lasting happiness, in my opinion, can only come when your gift and purpose is aligned with what you do each day. Haven’t you noticed you are happiest when you are doing something you love?

Ask yourself these questions. If you knew that you could not fail, what would you be doing? If money or other impediments were not an issue, how would you be spending your time? Who would you serve?
That will be your cue as to what your purpose is!

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