We have all been hurt at some point in our lives. You are not unique that way as that’s something we all endure. The key is to move forward. Too many people get stuck in the victim mentality, living their life frozen in time constantly remembering and reliving the hurt.

You may not be responsible for your hurt and grief, but you are responsible for your healing. There are a few steps in healing that I’ve used myself:

1. Acceptance of what’s transpired as you cannot change the event.

2. Finding the purpose and/or the lesson. You don’t have to like what happened but even in those events, there’s always a lesson. Once you focus on the lesson, the hurt lifts.

3. Be grateful, grateful that for whatever reason (that you may never get to know) you were chosen to undertake this experience to help you evolve.

Take responsibility for your healing and see your life truly thrive.