Chatting on the phone this morning with a friend, we talked about our pasts. We both agreed it would be amazing to travel back in time to change parts we now regret. I told her, “Yes, there is a period I wish I could just delete as we do on our computers. I would love to go back to a precise day, to that precise moment, and instead of stopping, to keep on walking to not have met the person responsible for my regret.

What about you? If you had that chance to just go back once and make a change, would you…

  • Go back and make it right? make repairs, make amends, make peace?
  • Say what you meant to say?
  • Stay the course you insisted on changing?
  • Endure the storm?
  • Love more, forgive more, enjoy more, appreciate more?
  • Make different decisions, make better choices?
  • Walk away sooner from harmful people and situations?
  • Meet someone again for the first time and make it right?
  • Take the chances you didn’t take?

Sounds very tempting, would you agree? As we chatted some more, we made our fantasy even more interesting…

If someone said, “Ok, you can go back and erase a part of your past, but there’s one caveat: — erasing that part of your past, will also set in motion the deletion of everything you have and have lived, from that point forward. So, think about it, from that moment in time that you wish to erase, you get to start a whole new life and the one you currently have would be altered.

Would you still do it? Why or why not?

My realization was simple. As much as I would love to erase that dark part of my past, I could not conceive a life without the person that I now have nor could I conceive not being the person I am today. None of which would have been possible without that regretful part of my existence.

This little exercise and realization immediately shifted my mindset from regret to gratitude, gratitude for the dark storm that led to this wonderful rainbow of light I now enjoy.

When we find the purpose in our painful moments, we realize that, in truth, there are no regrets in our life. Those perceived regrets have been the diamonds that illuminated the path we now proudly stand on.