Learning to heal your wounded inner child is one of the most important steps you can take on your path to transforming your life.

Yes! The child you once were, still lives on inside of you – and although you may not realize it, it is running a large part of your adult life.

It was not until I began to the work and reconnect to the child in me that I realized how much of my adult reactions, triggers, limiting beliefs, and actions — all stemmed from what I learned, the beliefs I formed, and the emotional things I lacked as a child. To heal the adult in me, I had to go back to that little girl and heal every layer of my past.

How? Through the process of gratitude, I was able to heal my past and my inner child and now I share this process with many others.

Many of my past issues I had dealt with and moved on from needed to be faced again and forced me to find gratitude in each circumstance. I am eternally in your debt for this course and what it has opened and awaken in me. This course has allowed me to face my demons and find gratitude for where they have led or sometimes chased me to. –Maureen Pankhurst Suillivan

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