Relationships are the most difficult thing we are here to master. Some are forever, some are here for a short while, but they all bring with them a lesson. In my case, the biggest lesson it taught me is that love, true love never ends — it evolves.

While divorced from ex-husband, love has remained intact. Perhaps it has even deepened in a way that transcends romantic love — love of friendship, of history, family, partners, co-parents. So you see, just because sometimes things don’t work out the way we had hoped, if we remain open, life will often surprise us and give us something even deeper and more meaningful than we had.

Sometimes, the lesson does not end up being like it was for me, but none the less it taught you something that has made you better because of it: more wisdom, more aware, more careful, more loving, more compassionate.

Today, can you think of a relationship (romantic or not) that did not go as you expected, but that taught you a lesson, please share below for us what your lesson was.