I hope that you have enjoyed episode 1 of unconscious parenting. We need to become aware of the impact our actions can have on our children.

Sometimes the things we do for our child’s immediate benefit and comfort can in fact have the opposite effect in the long-term.

In Episode 1, I discussed the importance of modeling all the things we want our children to be. If the goal is to raise children to be responsible, self-reliant, well-adjusted empathetic and grateful individuals Then the onus is on us to not micromanage, overprotect, constantly intervene and solve their every problem.  Instead, we need to help them develop their own ability to self regulate.  Instead of entertaining them constantly, let’s teach them to soothe themselves.

Instead of advocating for them, let them use their own voice, to develop the skill to overcome their own challenges, to help them promote self-advocacy to teach them to face their fears, embrace failing   Because those are all the things  that develop resilience

If we are constantly saving them from the discomfort, in the long term, we are robbing them of all the things that we actually want them to be.

Join me on episode two as we continue to discuss the effects of unconscious parenting