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Testimonials for The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me

“This book is an honest ‘real’ account of a woman’s spiritual journey to healing. If you have ever asked yourself why bad things keep happened to you, read this book! You will look at your life and your path in a very different and powerful way.”

– Joy Futerman

“An inspiring, can’t-put-it-down quick read, Waleuska takes us on an intimate journey throughout her personal and spiritual life. She provides insightful wisdom and advice on overcoming obstacles, finding your path and inner peace. Great read!”

– D Carr

“After reading ‘The Best Worst Thing That Happened To Me: From Victim to the Architect of my Life’ by Waleuska Lazo I can only say that it was a gift to read. The writing is a touching combination of soul baring facts, and inspiration. The dedication at the forefront is so unique, and the perfect prelude to the tone of the book.

Thank you Waleuska, for sharing your very personal journey; your story is certain to touch lives; your daughters, loved ones, friends and strangers – if you imagine the ripple effect of your words you will know that your life purpose is being fulfilled!

I loved Jeffrey’s sage advice to ‘find the gift in your pain’. Reading your book is awakening something in me as I’m sure it will in others. Thank You for the reminder of the possibilities, the support, the miracles. Congratulations on your book!”

– ML Simon

I am not a book reviewer, and this is not a book review. This is story about a miracle about a story about miracles. For three and a half years, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship that ended this past April. The relationship destroyed me spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This ending was my rock bottom, and was also a gift. The recovery work I began led to the understanding of the behaviors and attitudes I acquired because of a traumatic childhood. My journey to recovery lead me to encounters with Tolle, Williamson, the Secret, the Celestine Prophecy, ACIM, Koop, Collin Wilson and numerous other philosophies of the spirit and soul. My journey also led me to numerous support groups and forums populated with other trauma survivors on journeys of recovery.

My time in those groups and on those forums became discouraging. I felt less alone knowing that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or millions, of souls had similar childhood traumas that led to similar relationship failures in adult life (and continued abuse). However, I did not see within many group members the recovery I sought for myself, or the internalization and application of philosophies that would lead to recovery.

Then came the miracle. A few weeks ago, I logged into Amazon to look up a book I had heard about in a forum. While visiting the page for that book, Amazon recommended “The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me”. The blurb for this book grabbed me, but I did not buy it. A few days later, while researching another book, Amazon again recommended “The Best Worst Thing.” I did not understand how a new book that had no reviews could be recommended for me. But I took the recommendations as a sign, and bought it.
I’m so glad I did. Waleuska’s story is universal and unique. Her adult behaviors, fears, motivations and relationships were adversely impacted by childhood programming. Despite having it all, she felt empty and lost. She, as did I, clung to an emotionally abusive relationship out of desire to give what she needed, and out of fear of being alone. Sound familiar? When that relationship ended, she hit her rock bottom. And that is where her miracles began.

Waleuska’s book is the story of how she meaningfully integrated the philosophies of spirit and soul into her life in a way that allowed her to night only recover, but thrive. She walked the talk of gratitude, meditation, forgiveness, love, letting go and trusting in the universe. Her reward was a life filled with miracles. She has shared that journey with us so that we can see what integration and recovery look like.

There are no new ideas here. Just practical, down-to-earth, manageable, and understandable guidance for living an actualized life by following well-recognized practices. Stripping away dogma and theory, and getting down to the nuts and bolts of the practices, Waleuska shows us that it is possible to live on a higher spiritual plane, that we are guided by the universe, and that we can know true love for ourselves.

If you read this book, you will learn that Waleuska’s journey began with a miraculous encounter with a book. Having found new hope, my journey resumes with my miraculous encounter with this book. I hope it reaches and motivates the millions of persons who can use and are looking for this guidance. But if it only reaches me, Waleuska, it was worth it and I thank you.


“Thank you for sharing your amazing journey through this wonderful book of yours. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your Gratitude community but I’m eternally grateful that I did because it lead me to you.

From you have I learned GRATITUDE. Although I was practicing it from time to time you taught me how to FEEL gratitude and to be in gratitude. Your book provided wonderful examples of how the Universe will work to get your attention to wake up and I can relate.

Surrender the HOW and This to shall pass, resonated with me so much! It’s my favorite part that I can begin to implement in my journey. May the Universe continue to bless you Waleuska. You shine bright my friend.”

-Valerie Recio

“I’m enjoying and gaining so much from FMTG. I am so grateful to have been led to Waleuska Lazo. However I felt something was missing, this is so strange and completely true, the universe responded within a day with an email linking me to her book ‘The Best Worst Thing that Happened to Me’ I ordered it and it’s a great read.

Turning the pages I’m traveling with Waleuska Lazo sharing her discoveries, strengthening my learning, and gaining a pick up put down point of reference as I reflect the daily lessons on the group FB page. Thank you I am calmer, stronger, more at peace and excited for each new day”

-Donna Cowie

“Hi Waleuska,

I really enjoyed reading about your journey. I could just picture you as a little girl playing pranks on your family. So mischievous and funny.

Your story has so many parallels to mine and it was really good to see how you handled your transformation from depression into this amazing lady whose aim is to uplight and enlighten others. You are doing such a wonderful job of that. Thank you. 🤩

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You have come a long way from refugee to the amazing woman you are now.

I love the way that you always put your children first and the way that you made the decision to find a way out and then took all the steps necessary to get out and then took it further and gave it to the rest of us to learn from and grow and enjoy. Thank you.

Much love,

-Maureen Sullivan

“Reading this book made me reflect on my journey , it gave me a deeper understanding of life and it’s fragility. As we grow up we realize that life is full of ups and downs and the way we handle the curves that makes us who we are. Witnessing you navigating theses challenges made me see your inner warrior emerge. I am incredibly proud of your determination and your accomplishments. You my friend are a goddess, a pillar of strength.”

-Lina Artinian


As I read through each chapter, there was always something that made me reflect on my own life and the new possibilities that I, too, could change some of the hurt from my past and develop new behaviors. I have witnessed part of your journey and can attest to your incredible growth. You have shared your own personal awakening with the messages from renowned spiritual, motivational, and philosophical leaders. It was such a pleasure to read.I am a big fan and will fully support you in all your future endeavors.

Thanks for sharing the insights and I look forward to the next chapters”

-Norm Feferman

“Thank you for sharing your deepest personal life experiences with us that led you to your journey to inner peace & gratitude.”

-Fara Heidary

“The Best Worst Thing That Happened To Me”, by Waleuska Lazo, helped me recognize the importance of gratitude. I now have a better understanding of the importance of thanking the universe and trusting that the universe will manifest the right outcomes. Waleuska clarifies the connection between gratitude and healing in your body.

Thank you Waleuska for telling your story and helping others find the strength to start their own journey towards healing. I am forever grateful”

-Eva Smerek

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