Testimonials for The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me

“This book is an honest ‘real’ account of a woman’s spiritual journey to healing. If you have ever asked yourself why bad things keep happened to you, read this book! You will look at your life and your path in a very different and powerful way.”

– Joy Futerman

“An inspiring, can’t-put-it-down quick read, Waleuska takes us on an intimate journey throughout her personal and spiritual life. She provides insightful wisdom and advice on overcoming obstacles, finding your path and inner peace. Great read!”

– D Carr

“After reading ‘The Best Worst Thing That Happened To Me: From Victim to the Architect of my Life’ by Waleuska Lazo I can only say that it was a gift to read. The writing is a touching combination of soul baring facts, and inspiration. The dedication at the forefront is so unique, and the perfect prelude to the tone of the book.

Thank you Waleuska, for sharing your very personal journey; your story is certain to touch lives; your daughters, loved ones, friends and strangers – if you imagine the ripple effect of your words you will know that your life purpose is being fulfilled!


I loved Jeffrey’s sage advice to ‘find the gift in your pain’. Reading your book is awakening something in me as I’m sure it will in others. Thank You for the reminder of the possibilities, the support, the miracles. Congratulations on your book!”

– ML Simon


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