Five Minutes to Gratefulness

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Transform Your Life Through the
Power of Gratitude

Learn How to Develop the Single Most
Powerful Habit for Lasting Happiness
in Just Five Minutes a Day

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The Gratitude Blueprint

As a new owner of the Gratitude Blueprint, I invite you to take an FMTG program valued at $97USD for no additional cost as my way of helping you immerse and take the work of this book to an even more meaningful level. (Offer for a limited time only.) If you have not purchased your copy, please go to Amazon and start on your path to healing!

In the FMTG online course, you will be going through the lessons of this book along with others from around the world at the same time. This will help you keep accountable and ensure completion.  

Below is the 2021 calendar year for all the possible cohorts you can join and start the work of this book, should you wish, along with other readers.  Once you have joined, you will be put in a cohort with others and you will receive access to 28 mediations to go with each day of the lessons in this book and the link to join the Gratitude Community Group on Facebook where the course will take place.  You will have access to myself and other mentors of the course who will be happy to help and guide you. 

Let me be clear, you don’t have to do this. Should you wish to just do it yourself with the book, that is perfectly fine.  However, I am extending to you the added value, should you wish to experience doing the daily lessons by collaborating with others who will be going through the same process as you.  Either way, the choice is yours.  I look forward to seeing you in one of the FMTG cohorts!

The Gratitude Blueprint, the FMTG system,  is a simple system of 5 minutes of concentrated gratitude in the mornings over a period of 28-days for specific aspects of your life. This simple but powerful technique transforms the way you look at your life. You will uncover things hidden in the depths of your soul, that you did not even know you had, that have chained you to pain for too long. FMTG helps you acknowledge and release trapped emotions so you can finally heal them. FMTG will teach you to value your life, to find your inner power, teach you to love yourself, heal your inner child, transform your pain into wisdom and give you the tools to create the blueprint for a better you and the life of your dreams.

There's only one way to find out. Hear from the founder of FMTG and what students are saying about it.

Limited Time Offer

 Check the dates below for all the possible cohorts.

Jan 8 - Feb 5, 2023

What If You Could Learn To Achieve The Life You Were Meant to Have?

What if you could achieve lasting happiness? 

FMTG will teach you the true source and the how-to achieve lasting happiness.  If you are serious about feeling great about the life you have, this course is for you. You will learn how to wire the most powerful antidote to happiness: GRATITUDE! 

What if you could achieve emotional freedom?

FMTG will teach you how to relinquish your painful past, and how to surrender the uphill battle of control to finally stay in the flow of life.  When you learn to find the meaning in your painful experiences, you liberate yourself from the heavy burden of your past. This releases trapped emotions that lead us to develop illnesses in our bodies.  Through your practice of FMTG, you will achieve a balanced, peaceful, and grateful life.  You will learn to look at life with new eyes and a new heart. 

What if you could achieve abundance in all areas of your life?

FMTG will teach you how to communicate with the Field/Universe in a precise sequence and language that the Universe understands.  You will learn to manifest and ignite the power within you to attract miracles into your life. 



FMTG 28 Day Gratitude Challenge

What Does The Course Include?

28 guided meditations
Four 45-minute Zoom sessions with the Founder and Author, Waleuska Lazo
Private Facebook Group for Discussion

Sample a Day in a Life of FMTG
Free Access for 1 Week from the Moment You Access the Demo.

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